Joyful Moments

Joyful Moments

By Chaz Oswald, 22, USA

Nestled beyond curvy turns and tucked between the cornfields, an old farmhouse is exposed to a pleasant breeze that strums the autumn leaves.

A grandfather clock chimes in the room’s corner as evening softly lays a dark blanket over the sky. The fireflies start a twinkling tango beyond the windows.

Grandpa lays another log into the wood-burning stove. Cinders spark. In the kitchen, grandma prepares supper. The sweet aroma of honeyed ham fills the tepid air as a nearby skillet hisses with freshly selected vegetables.

Contagious laughter pleasantly reverberates within the old farmhouse.

This portrait is not merely a savory memory but a reoccurring blessing in my life. The beautiful countryside is where my family often gathers. Like a colossal bear hug, every moment together is eagerly embraced.

Whether it’s the color of a rainbow, the flutter of a snowflake, or the shared laughter with loved ones, life is full of simple pleasures.

Recognized by the psalmist in Psalms 92:4, these blessings are nothing short than the precious and loving acts of our Lord: “You thrill me, Lord, with all You have done for me! I sing for joy because of what You have done.”

So sit back, reminisce, and ponder: what joyful delights can you praise God for?

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