oh darling, let’s be adventurous.


Do you have friends in your life that you can be yourself with? They take you for you..despite your quarks, your flaws, and your imperfections. There is a sense of comfort when you are with them. You are more yourself with them than when you are separated. They breath life into you. From their contagious spirit to their love for Jesus, they empower you to be a better you.

I am blessed to have many friends in my life. They fill me with so much joy. Two special friends of mine are in this wedding film: my cousin Anthony and his wife Stacey. They are full of character, integrity, and life. And I love every moment I get to spend with them.

Enjoy this vintage indie trailer of their wedding day. I was honored to be a part of it.

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Grand Rapids' Premier Wedding Videographers

Oswald Productions may not be the only videography company on the market, but there are numerous advantages for choosing Grand Rapids’ premier videography company for your wedding, individual, or promotional needs. In another post we will list and analyze those reasons, but today we will focus on one such advantage. This advantage is simply those that makeup the team or the individuals that comprise the professional videography company, Oswald Productions.

We grow weary of witnessing other businesses treat their clients as simply a number. They look at them as a paycheck; a mere means to the end as it were. But at Oswald Productions, we are relationship builders. Our desire is to know our clients on a personal level so that we can produce a videography masterpiece that resembles the specific qualities, traits, and tastes that we witness through our interaction. And as we desire to get to know you in order that we may best tailor a film to your needs, we also wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves to you.

David Oswald
Originally pursing a career as a psychiatrist, David’s journey has brought him down a more passionate path of production. He has a phenomenal analytical mind and an intricate knowledge of the equipment we employ. His understanding allows us to capture and produce a film to the greatest possible technological specification.

David, and his wife Heather, call Grand Rapids, Michigan home. As a couple, they enjoy an active lifestyle. Full of wisdom and insight, they spend a majority of their time pouring their experience and their love for life into relationships around them.

Anthony Oswald
While Anthony received his bachelor’s degree in Media Studies, majoring specifically in film, his knowledge of videography has developed beyond mere classroom theory. Working on numerous video projects, Anthony has gained experience and expertise through independent short film production, corporate and non profit promotional consulting, and wedding videography.

He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife Stacey. Together, they enjoy traveling, watching the Michigan Wolverines, listening to music, consistent involvement in ministry through their home church, and philanthropic efforts.

Chaz Oswald
Graduating Summa Cum-Laude, Chaz received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, while majoring in marketing and specializing in both advertising and promotion. Though he resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan he has traveled extensively, having the opportunity to visit countries on five continents, for both work and ministry.

His passion is definitely not limited to travel, but also includes sports (as an avid runner and road cyclist), the arts (painting, sketching, film, and sculpting), writing, politics, music (indie and folk), deep conversation, and a great cup of java. The joy of his life, however, is centered around his love and faith in Jesus.