the supreme court.

In an unexpected turn of events, with all eyes thoughtfully on Justice Kennedy, no one anticipated a court ruling in favor of the “Affordable” Care Act by Chief Justice Roberts.

I must say that I am bitterly disappointed by the High Court’s ruling but I will respect the decision. This does not mean that I will not do everything in my power to repeal Obamacare and elect Mitt Romney to the office of the President. As a country we must rise to the occasion, rally behind freedom and fight to limit the Federal Government. All men and woman who are furious with this Health Care mandate must overwhelm the government with civil disobedience. We must be peaceful in our actions, but we will destroy the antagonistic war on this country.

The United States of America has entered a new and unprecedented era. Freedom has lost the battle today, but the war will rage.

Streamlined Bureaucratic Health Care to put Small Businesses Out

Amidst listening to Judge Sotomayor make the statement that “there’s a public misunderstanding of the word ‘use’” earlier this morning, Fox News chimed in with another breaking news story where House Minority Leader John Boehner unveiled a flow chart which detailed the House Democrats’ health care plan.

The health care plan put forward by the House Democrats, according to Representative Kevin Brady, “…identifies 31 new federal programs, agencies, commissions, and mandates that will be in between patients and…their doctor.” This nightmarish plan would not only continue to push Barry O’s one-trillion dollar deficit through the ceiling while bankrupting the once prosperous United States, but also increases the bureaucratic red tape exponentially.

Ohio’s John Boehner made the following statement at the conference today:

“This chart depicts the health care nightmare that House Democrats have planned for families and small businesses. This isn’t reform; it’s a recipe for disaster that will lead to higher health care costs, lower quality, rationed care, and bureaucrats making medical decisions instead of doctors and patients. Families shouldn’t have to answer to shadowy Washington bureaucrats when they’re seeking health care treatments for themselves and their loved ones.

If this isn’t bad enough, this new maze of government bureaucracy will be funded by a new small business tax that will cost more American jobs. During a time of economic recession, the last thing Congress should be doing is punishing small businesses that create a majority of the jobs in this country. If Democrats are serious about job creation and real health care reform, they’ll scrap this plan and start working with House Republicans on solutions the American people want. Republicans have offered a plan to reduce costs and expand Americans’ access to quality care – without a small business tax. I want to thank Rep. Brady and House Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee for their work in exposing the truth about what the Democrats’ plan means for families and small businesses.”

Besides the increased bureaucratic craziness put forth by the House Dems, one outlandish characteristic which stands out to me is the proposed small business tax to offset health care costs. How can such a tax even be considered?

The binding economic mess, in which Michigan is caught in, thanks to Princess Jenny, will only escalate with such a levy. Since the drama of General Motors and Chrysler, Michiganians are clinging to what jobs they have left – typically those provided by locally owned small businesses. Unemployment has already skyrocketed and will continue with limitless opportunity through the destructive rampage and wildfire of our irresponsible elected democratic officials.

A studier of economics I admittedly state this is basic theory: small businesses struggling through a period of financially strenuous conditions are next discouraged with a new (and targeted) small business tax will logically lead to an industry encouraged to their demise and eventually persuades the reckless destruction and slaughter of additional jobs.

So now tell me…(I know I’m getting ahead of myself but ultimately the truth is…) if the business tax leads to the continued discouragement and thrashing of small businesses to the point where it no longer feeds the bureaucratic health care giant, who then will be the financer? Will China or Japan bail us out? Maybe Russia, the United Kingdom, or Germany? Emphatically no foreign country would be stupid enough to heroically aid in a potential United States economic demise – in fact they most likely would be cheering the meltdown on.

And reality remains that Barry O’s bling-bling spending coupled with the expedited socialized health care monster will lead to the termination of a once great country: the United States of America. In the mean time however, while our country is in the process of a crash landing, our health care system will be similar to Cuba’s which is comically portrayed in the following YouTube clip from the movie “An American Carol.”