was i for you? i’m still for you. all for you.

The other night I randomly resolved to re-read a few books that I have gathered inspiration and creativity from. These are books that have challenged me intellectually, books that have encouraged me spiritually, and books that have captivated me intrinsically.

One of these books is “Blue Like Jazz,” by Donald Miller. Likely you have read it. The brilliance of the book is its authenticity. There is simplicity in the realistic situations woven into the narrative. And what I find so beautiful is that this conversation, this shared honesty provides a window into what true Christianity actually looks like.

“My life had become something to hide; there were secrets in it. My thoughts, my sharp tongue a weapon to protect the ugly me. I would lock myself in my room, isolating myself from my sister and mother, not often to do any sort of sinning, but simply because I had become a creature of secrecy,” (Blue Like Jazz, Page 8).

No smoke and mirrors. There is a constant battle between our humanity and our redemptive nature. We are beings that are fully redeemed but we will not realize the full potential or understanding of that redemption until we are together with our great God.

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