the supreme court.

In an unexpected turn of events, with all eyes thoughtfully on Justice Kennedy, no one anticipated a court ruling in favor of the “Affordable” Care Act by Chief Justice Roberts.

I must say that I am bitterly disappointed by the High Court’s ruling but I will respect the decision. This does not mean that I will not do everything in my power to repeal Obamacare and elect Mitt Romney to the office of the President. As a country we must rise to the occasion, rally behind freedom and fight to limit the Federal Government. All men and woman who are furious with this Health Care mandate must overwhelm the government with civil disobedience. We must be peaceful in our actions, but we will destroy the antagonistic war on this country.

The United States of America has entered a new and unprecedented era. Freedom has lost the battle today, but the war will rage.

2 thoughts on “the supreme court.

  1. It really was shocking news for a late rising west coast resident to wake up to. My thirty year old son had send me a message that said, “best go back to bed, no good news today.”

  2. Oh my word! I can imagine it being such a shock. I at least had been anticipating the ruling this morning and was eagerly listening to all the various predictions. I had prepared myself for the worst, but I expected Kennedy to be the wild card, not Roberts! And after the decision was made, I wanted to leave work an crawl right back into bed too!

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