are you really calling my christmas sweater ugly?

Christmas is but two short weeks away and one thing I enjoy is the multitude of parties to accompany the season. My heart seems to gambol with all the holiday festivities and the time spent with family as well as friends. I would venture to say I have an average of two Christmas parties a week, filling my extracurricular calendar quickly. My favorite party of the year thus far has been an ugly sweater Christmas party coupled with a photo scavenger hunt.

I stumbled upon the perfect Christmas sweater at a local Salvation Army while thrifting with my cousin Alyssa. We spent a couple hours looking for a few good finds. And we ended up purchasing a few records (Polka party anyone?), a couple Disney VHS movies (Rescuers and the Rescuers Down Under…oh yeah!), a book or two, and a pretty deck mirrored disco ball.

But to immerse you in the events of our scavenger hunt, as well as show off my fabulous Christmas sweater, check out these photos!

The front of my Christmas sweater

The back of my Christmas sweater

This is where the photo scavenger hunt began!

We found a couple random guys to sing us Christmas carols!

Lys and Brit posing with a stellar snowman…

I found a white Christmas tree with blue lights 🙂

This picture helped us win the photo scavenger hunt! It had to be taken quickly and covertly. It is my cousin Anthony with his wife Stacey, kissing under the mistletoe as my cousin Alyssa jumped in the photograph (bottom left) so that we could prove this picture to be current and legitimate! Oh yeah!

Two people I admire a lot! Andy and his girlfriend Amanda found holiday candles!

Boxman (our fearless leader) and Brit found a sweet soul to ring Christmas bells to let the world know of Jesus’ birth!

And these lovely ladies made me a handwritten Christmas card!

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