Sigur Rós: Hoppípolla

Indie music.
Lyrically artistic.
Fascinatingly ironic.

This film generates an intriguing thought.

Yes, one could take the simplistic approach, only identifying the theme of playful youthfulness still burning within the heart of the aged. Even from such a perspective, one could draw joyful parallels, where aging is inevitable, but growing up is optional.

When I first watched this film, my perspective jumped immediately to the eternal, coupled with the frailness of life. Our lives are short. We are here on this earth for but a breath.

Sentiment settled within me. I watch and feel as though every moment should be cherished.

While true, it also gives me hope as I anticipate a journey into the eternal. It was Peter Pan that voiced, “To die will be an awfully big adventure.” Culturally, we don’t talk much about death and we talk very little about the afterlife. We busy ourselves so as to deceive ourselves that death is anything but reality. However, if thought about intently, it is a fearful thought to those that are honest.

But as a Christian, I trust my God. I believe in an eternal. I believe that the journey before me is a road to a New Earth. I picture myself as an old passenger. One like such in the film. And I picture my life ending and the journey to the New Earth beginning. What would my initial reaction be entering the Kingdom that my Lord dwells? Words cannot describe the joy my heart will feel when that moment is upon me. Though I can imagine myself jumping through mud puddles, having a childlike giddiness, and a renewed spirit.

I am captivated by the loveliness of my future.

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