The Cloud Rider

I’m plagued with an intense longing.
Like a black hole deep inside my being.
It can’t be satisfied and it needs to be filled.

I’ve tried to fill the void.
Love. Money. Friends.
All meaningless.
My indulgences have been nothing more than temporary frills.
Frills that leave me empty and unfulfilled.

It’s what I desire.
What I seek.

Discovered in otherworldly realms.
The heavenlies.
My longing is for a home I will eternally dwell.
A renewed country.
A New Earth.
Where I can walk with my Creator in the cool of the day.
Where I can fall at Jesus’ feet in worship.
Where angels are known by name.
And where redeemed friends find perfection.

It’s my true home.

Emotion wells inside my soul.
Butterflies. Excitement. Anticipation.
My heart smiles.
My heart giggles.
My heart’s love is but one short lifetime away.

Awaiting the trumpet to scream,
I look to the skies for a Hero.
A Savior.
My Cloud Rider.

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