A Philosophers Creed – Napoleon Hill (Interesting Read)

Let me be open-minded on all subjects so that I may grow mentally and spiritually.

May the time never come when I will be above learning from the humblest person.

Let me never forget that a closed mind is a narrow mind.

May I never express opinions on any subject unless they are founded upon reasonable dependable knowledge.

Forbid that I should ever find fault with another because he may not agree with me.

May I always show a wholesome respect for those with whom I may not agree.

Let me be always mindful of the fact that all my knowledge is as nothing when compared to all that remains to be learned.

Give me the courage to admit my ignorance when I am asked a question about which I know little or nothing.

May I always share with others such knowledge as I may possess which can be of help to them.

Let me never forget that humility of heart will attract more friends than all the wisdom of mankind.

Let me remain ever a student in search of truth, and never pretend to be a finished scholar on any subject.

Source: PMA Science of Success Course. Educational Edition., Pg. 176.

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