Virtual Mission Field

The Internet has been woven into the fabric of daily life. The modern man conducts a host of activities online—from information seeking to information sharing; from Internet gaming to online shopping; from making new friends to sharing of videos, photographs, and thoughts. The World Wide Web could be accessed virtually anywhere via computers, blackberries, and iPods. It is a unique playground that can be utilized as a colossal waste of time or can be employed to advance the Kingdom of God.

With the ubiquitous nature of the Internet, we live in a distinct time that embraces constant communication. Beyond the traditional snail mail, we have our instant email, YouTube, Facebook, blog, Flicker, and Twitter accounts to connect us with family and friends. Communicating with friends from around the globe is now inexpensive and immediate.

As a result of the worldwide reach made possible by the plethora of social networks, Jesus’ command to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15, ESV) has never been more feasible than in this day and age.

So how can we take our Lord Jesus’ words to heart and put our faith into practice on a daily basis? Well first, it needs to be understood that accepting the biblical mandate does not mean all will be called and sent to a distant and reclusive land to reach natives who have not heard of Christ’s sacrifice. More likely than not, the mission field for most of us will be the family and friends around us.

Such a calling, which is Christ-honoring, is not to be understated but rather gleefully embraced! It is thrilling to realize that the God of the universe desires to use us to expand His Kingdom to loved ones for His glory. And the times we live in offers a unique and engaging opportunity to build relationships with friends and family on a daily basis via our technology and Internet.

We can use social networking websites to help us invest in relationships. We need to come alongside non-believers who have been introduce to the Christian faith and gently encourage them to find out more and eventually to make a decision of faith. For just as it is unusual for most individuals to accept Christ as their Savior by reading a tract on their own, the subsequent decision is commonly forged with the companionship of Christians.

In summary, Christ’s vital commandment to go out and preach the gospel is not one to be disregarded but rather is a responsibility every Christian must embrace. The online community presents itself to you, giving you the capability of having worldwide reach at your fingertips. Now go out and let God use you through your Christ-like acceptance of being salt and light to turn the world upside down for Him!

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