Mission Honduras

Recently, you may have heard reports of the political crisis in Honduras—the removal of their former president and their ongoing constitutional crisis. But you may not have heard of their spiritual crisis.

While the majority of the Honduran population associate themselves with the Roman Catholic Church; sadly, few attend church regularly. That being said, due to their high regard of the Catholic religion and traditions, their hearts are overwhelmingly open and receptive to the Gospel.

In July 2008, together with a team associated with Word of Life, I left for Honduras.


Once we arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the work began. For the first few days, we worked with local church organizations with either the entire congregation or just the youths. Typically, we would lead them in worship, present a prepared drama, share our testimonies, and conclude with the Truth from God’s Word.

Later in the trip, we moved on to street evangelism where we used the same format.

team-sharing-2Personally, the days spent on street evangelism were the most challenging for me. Our team of thirty trotted onto the campus of Honduras National University where 60,000 students would pass by every day. We first found an area most populated with students; then set up a small, yet portable, speaker system. We would then introduce our ministry and start to share the Gospel. As we begin, students would stop to listen to God’s Word. The response was overwhelming. After we concluded the message, we would approached the captivated audience to further explain the Gospel message, pray with struggling students, and begin connecting individuals with nearby, Bible-believing churches. joe-sharingI was stretched and overwhelmed but God used that experience to strengthen my relationship with Him—deepening my faith as I learn to depend solely on Him.

The remaining part of our ministry involved serving in a newly opened Word of Life camp in a small town called Zambrano (just outside of Tegucigalpa). I worked as a co-counselor at the camp with roughly one hundred campers—students between the ages of twelve and fifteen. Each day was filled with activities from go-karts, to extreme games, to paintball, to getting our fill in the Word of God.

Nearly all of our campers had already accepted Christ as their Savior but at the Thursday night bonfire—through the power of God—many dedicated their lives to serve Jesus as their Lord. The passionate commitment of these 12 to 15 years old students burning for Christ, was overpowering. Seeing their emotions and tears, I too, was in tears and on my knees—thanking God for His indescribable awesomeness.

Following the intense and God-filled experience, we headed to a celebratory dinner. It was our last night with a few missionaries. Together, we recapped God’s work in the beautiful country, Honduras. We felt specifically blessed to have been used by God to lead about thirty five natives to the Lord.


Reminiscing the trip, I cannot help but look in awe at God’s amazing plan for our team. God gathered a group of thirty people from different backgrounds, cities, and churches and He brought us to Honduras. We did not know what we would be doing or where we would be doing His work. But God knew. He was in complete control; and we just had to trust and follow Him.

Our spiritually renewing journey to Honduras has ended. However, God’s impact on the people there is—through the work of other area missionaries, pastors, and believers—continuing today!

– Chaz Oswald

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