Obama’s Emission Policy Kills 800 more Americans a Year

Maybe my invitation to one of the many social gatherings and cocktail parties hosted by President Obama and the First Lady has been lost in the mail? I mean I have been paying for the $100 single servings of the mighty delicious, oh so tender and savory “wagwu steaks” that Barry O delightfully serves to his VIP, red-carpet-welcomed guests. While this week’s episode of The Fabulous Life on VH-1 did not feature Barack’s cushy playboy lifestyle, I am holding out for the episode that will attribute him as this year’s concluding rock star. I mean, the man deserves the celebrity lifestyle he was given.

His giving nature is what inspires me to be all that I can be. Even today Barry O put Mother Teresa to shame when he signed the credit card bill into law. In case you missed the coverage, his halo radiantly floated above his head, while the delightful harps played in the background as the rays from heaven shined down to gracefully silhouette his toned features as he delicately signed each letter of his name with a new pen. His generosity outpoured as he carefully designated each pen to a specific individual who aided in the writing of the credit card bill so they would have a token to cherish and pass down to generations.

But the blessings we have received from Barry are much more than pens to treasure. We Americans have received the charming gift of debt and now it seems with new emission standards we will also receive the gift of death, well at least 800 more Americans a year to be specific.

Ian Murray, writer of “the corner,” part of the National Review stated, “Using the methodology of the CEI study from a few years back, applied to today’s fatality numbers in a back-of-the-envelope calculation, the new policy will lead to around 800 more needless deaths on the road each year. Blood for less oil, you could say.”

Announced by Barry O earlier this week, cars and trucks produced by the year 2016 are to achieve an improved EPA all in the name of improved greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, on the market today there are only 11 vehicles that meet these tough standards and most of which are nothing more than glorified golf carts that could barley transport more than a few victims, excuse me, passengers.

Beyond killing American’s, Megan McCardle encapsulates what the new policy or regulations will do:

• It will raise the prices of cars, and make them less safe
• It will reduce our carbon emissions, but not by as much as advertised, because more fuel efficient cars make driving cheaper, so people will do more of it. This “rebound” effect robs about 25% of gains, and also means more congestion, and more wear-and-tear on roads
• This will either help the Big Three compete, or seal their doom as the Japanese manufacturers continue to eat into their market share. If I had to bet, I’d wager this means big ongoing subsidies for our favorite three public charities.
• If you want to cut down on the pollution from driving, this is about the worst possible way to do it. On the other hand, it may be the only politically feasible way to do it. If you take global warming seriously, as I do, it may be the best of a bad set of policy choices.

You know, I have nothing against taking care of the environment. In fact, I do my part to be conservative with the Earth we were given by recycling and by taking correct care of my trash. That is called being responsible. But irresponsibility is cultivated when poor regulatory choices are forced upon a once free market by the government. But of course we must remember America’s good fortune with the election of a selfless man who has taken time off the greens to help us poor, uneducated peasants achieve global warming Moksha.

I think Don Boudreaux, of Café Hayek, describes our nation’s luck the best in his offered comment:

“We Americans are lucky. President Obama, although having zero experience as an entrepreneur or in the automotive industry, has designed fuel-efficiency standards that (he assures us) will save the average car buyer $2,800 over the life of his or her vehicle. What a deal!

No one in Detroit, in the U.K., in Japan, in Germany, in Korea, in Sweden, in Italy, in France – no one anywhere, not even persons with decades of experience producing and selling automobiles – has figured out how to devise vehicles that are so obviously attractive to American consumers — and, therefore, so rich in profit-earning potential for manufacturers — as are the ones now promised to us by the Obama administration.

And we can admire not only Mr. Obama’s industrial and commercial genius, but also his magnanimity in offering to the public, free of charge, his money-saving idea. He could have earned billions of dollars in profit by putting his idea to the test in the market. But no: by simply forcing us to use his idea and charging us nothing for it, he’ll forego this profit. We Americans are lucky indeed.”

Thanks Barry O! While you continue to ride in your motorcade of limousines, align yourself a photo-op next to the Statue of Liberty in Air Force One, or cruise in Marine One to Meijer to ride the coveted penny pony ride, I will opt for the heavy duty, at times gas guzzling, Range Rover in light of the environmentally friendly, oh so ugly smart car, especially with the knowledge that Ted (hiccup) Kennedy (hiccup, hiccup) is on the road.

Chaz Oswald

One thought on “Obama’s Emission Policy Kills 800 more Americans a Year

  1. Doctors say ‘first, do no harm.’ Good public policy works the same way- above all else it should not make society worse. Obama and the Democrats automobile policies, like most of their ideas, overall make society worse. Even if this policy is, as you said, the best of bad ones, it should still not be done- our elected representatives should work harder and longer and better until they get one that is a net positive for our society. Only lazy, inexperienced, and unqualified officials would attempt these policies, and they are going to run America into the same bottom that they ran Michigan.

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