2010 Secretary of State Prospective Candidates Forum

Yesterday evening a small “meet an greet” was sponsored by the Pachyderm organization allowing a forum for Senator Cameron Brown, Fmr. Representative Judy Emmons, Senator Michelle McManus, and County Clerk and Register of Deeds Anne Norlander to speak in regards to their credentials and their ideals if elected to the position of Michigan’s Secretary of State. But before I detail the astonishing pool of candidates let me introduce to you the Pachyderm organization.

In 1998, Joan Secchia founded the group known as the Pachyderms. It is an organization intended for women who believe in common sense politics and a return to the principles of our Founding Fathers. As of now the Pachyderm Chairs include its founder Joan Secchia, Maria DeVos, Judy Hooker, Mimi Amash, Sue Jandernoa, Carol Van Andel, and Iva Tol. With the desire to reach young republican women, the organization, with the guidance of Iva Tol, founded what is called the Junior Pachyderms and most recently the Pachytrains; each a branch of the Pachyderms. The Junior Pachyderms are chaired by Julie Henrickson and Samantha Mehney and tend to attain women around the age of thirty to forty years. The Pachytrains are chaired by Laura Vorgis and Ashlie Estabrook primarily targeting college age women and those in their twenties. Then, as of last evening the event was opened to young republicans including men.

The forum was a very tasteful and informative event introducing the SOS candidates with Senator Cameron Brown being the first to speak. Deriving his passion for politics from his father, a World War II Veteran, Senator Brown is currently serving Michigan’s 16th district. He is a lifelong republican who has been elected at numerous levels from City Council to that of his current position of State Senator. His Secretary of States campaign is based on “Common Roots. Common Values. and Common Sense.” Brown believes that the office of Secretary of State is about serving and protecting the great people of Michigan. To learn more about Senator Cameron Brown you can follow him and his campaign at http://senatorcameronbrown.blogspot.com/.

Former Representative Judy Emmons, now a candidate for Secretary of State, followed Senator Cameron Brown. Previously serving the people of mid-Michigan, Emmons believes it is now time to serve Michigan collectively. Just like the other three candidates, Judy has fought tirelessly to preserve our freedoms, protect our unborn, and please our people without compromising her conservative values. Visit Judy Emmons’ website at http://www.judyemmons.com/ to learn more about her record, stances, and candidacy.

Known by some as the “Sarah Palin of Michigan,” Senator Michelle McManus followed Former Representative Judy Emmons last night. No, Senator McManus does not have a Moose head hanging in her office, but she does have a great deal of stuffed animals hanging on her walls as she is an avid hunter and strong proponent of our Second Amendment rights. Serving the people of the 35th District, Michelle feels that it is time she extends her fight from the State Senate to the office of Secretary of State. With the technological advancements that have come and the greater use of the internet, Michelle advocates taking advantage of said technology in order to create a more user-friendly and accessible engagement with the Secretary of State offices. Visit http://www.michellemcmanus.org/ to inform yourself more on the positions of Senator Michelle McManus.

County Clerk and Register of Deeds, Anne Norlander, was the forth and final candidate last night for the Secretary of State position. If you do not remember, last November the Calhoun County conservatives were slaughtered as many offices were turned over to democrats in hope of “change.” However, Anne boasts reelection with garnering fifty-five percent of the vote in her county which comparatively gave her 1000 more votes than Barack Obama which she claims shows her electability. Again, Anne is yet another fine conservative running for the SOS office and you can learn more about her at http://annenorlander.com/.

Cameron Brown, Judy Emmons, Michelle McManus, and Anne Norlander are all well qualified and credentialed conservative candidates for the position of Secretary of State. It was an honor having all four briefly share and discuss their plans hosted by the fruitful Pachyderm organization. With honest candidates such as these, 2010 looks like a promising year for Republicans.

-Chaz Oswald

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